Put Your Non-Profit Organization on Solid Footing

We can help you with internal organization and fundraising

Are you looking for a way to raise money for your non-profit organization? Are you struggling to get everything done due to a lack of staffing? Kimberly Holley Consulting offers non-profit solutions for clients in all phases of organization. We’re ready to help you:

Fill-in for vacant positions to get the work done
Set up community outreach
Manage future projects 
Plan small-scale fundraising projects
Put together large-scale community events

Think of us as the fixer who can help solve problems and get your team over hurdles. Contact Kimberly Holley Consulting today for help with your non-profit organization.

We’re here to help you however we can

We’re here to help you however we can

We have the knowledge and experience to help you target key groups within the community. We can identify gaps in your operation or step in when someone abruptly leaves their position. You can consult with us when you’re just getting started so your non-profit organization will get off on the right foot.

Call 269-986-5559 today to schedule a consultation with Kimberly Holley Consulting.