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Are you getting ready to plan a community event? Do you want to put together a widely-attended festival? Kimberly Holley Consulting can help you plan events of all sizes. We can assist with:

Putting together a budget
Organizing games and entertainment
Setting up logistics
Managing food vendors

We can also help you get all the marketing materials together and organize the branding. Call 269-986-5559 today to hire an experienced event planning consultant.

We plan events of all sizes

We plan events of all sizes

We have experience planning festivals that range from 500 to 10,000 attendees. We’ve coordinated CerealFest and the International Festival in Battle Creek, MI. We’ll start by determining your budget, the location of your event and the target number of attendees. We can then start planning the entertainment and food. We’ll be on hand to assist with any issues on the day of the event and take care of volunteer coordination.

Contact Kimberly Holley Consulting today for help with festival planning.